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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Golden rules of blogging..

I am sure that one day i will write a post here about the ten golden rules of blogging. Or let me rephrase this by saying that one day i will post someone else's ten golden rules. Am sure that somebody has already figured them out.

What i want to share though is that in the first hour of blogging i have already come across the first of these Golden rules. Which states:
Do NOT cook while you are starting a new blog. Cause then this will happen:
Oh well...
Did not expect the first post about cooking would be a disaster but hey, am not going to lie...
Last saturday i found some beautiful pomegranates and after reading all sorts of recipes about them, i decided to make a pomegranate syrup to use in so many recipes in the future.. so, took the pomegranates,  juiced them and added some sugar and lemon juice in the pot and slowly started to simmer.

But, am sure it has happened to the best of us and got carried away looking for a nice background for this blog.. So... I promise to do this syrup the coming weekend and share it with you then :-)
And this concludes the First Golden rule of blogging!


  1. welcome caro... I will have to post a link to you with a full introduction! Looking forward to all sorts of great things about food, Ram and you!
    baci di Roma

  2. well. I need to correct you bourbour!
    there are no 10 golden rules!
    Pithagoras...and me...we believe that the magic number, the number of perfection and completion is number 7!

    So you just need only another 6 rules!

    keep on!
    and you open the new restaurant, please consider me as ...waiter/barman/cleaner!