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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A new blog...

So.. why a new blog? So many things to share with total strangers and so many friends to tell you how nice /bad/terrible you write? So many experiences to share? bloated ego? a bet you make with yourself about starting a new project and keeping at it for 6 months? A way to show how "connected" we all are? How small our world has become? So many pictures to post? New tastes to explore? Ingredients, temperatures, places to eat? A new way to piss off your significant other? And why in English? Why not in Greek? Why not in Greek and English? hmmm questions, questions and not many answers. To be honest i do not have an answer to why a new blog. But i hope that in time these questions will be answered by themselves. Or they will not be the important questions anyway.
One thing is for sure. In this blog you will see a lot about food, photography, good friends, dogs and crafts. Hope that we will all enjoy it.. Welcome onboard!


  1. and what a board!

  2. BourBour,
    congratulations on your new accomplishment!
    I feel so sure that your penmanship,felicity,your culinary skills and your ability to give us new viewpoints through your photos will give us the opportunity to communicate and interchange thoughts and opinions for so many things....

    Dinos Papakostas